Business Tools, Guides & Manuals

The Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada offers valuable business tools to assist in your day-to-day operations.
These include printed and electronic training aids, manuals and publications.


BuildForce Canada Construction & Maintenance Report – BuildForce provides a host of researched information including: labour market information, essential skills, training, recruitment and research tools & resources to help manage & build Canada’s construction workforce. Of particular interest to our members at this time, among the many excellent resources is the ‘Construction & Maintenance Looking Forward’ forecast. To download a complimentary copy please click the following link. Download the Construction & Maintenance Report 2016-2025.

Labour Estimating Guide For Service V2.0 – Product ID # SM9
Industry consensus data on routine maintenance tasks and average times to complete those tasks. Includes a discussion on basic assumptions, labour correction factors, list of routine maintenance tasks for 50 different pieces of equipment, and more. The tasking lists are provided in both Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Excel formats for flexibility.
$150.00US – member $ 450.00US – non member.
Anyone who previously purchased a Labour Estimating Guide for Service can upgrade to Version 2.0 for $100US.

Customer Service Training Series Leader’s Guide – Product ID # SM10
Recently updated – MSCA’s self-paced, 30-module program is designed to provide in-house training of your service technicians whenever and wherever you want. The Leader’s Guide contains detailed class content that can readily be delivered by a non-professional trainer. Order the separate Participant Workbook (item SM6) for each of your service technicians.
$78.00US – member $235.00US – non member

Basics of Service Management Manual – Product ID # SM2
Practical guidelines will help you organize and effectively manage the essential functions of your mechanical service contracting company. Topics covered include finance, sales and marketing, administration, operations, and personnel. Published 1998.
$84.00US – member $250.00US – non member

Basics of Plumbing Service Management – Product ID # PB6
Learn to run a successful plumbing company from the experts… successful plumbing contractors. Includes how-to ideas for all areas of your company. Published 2001. (item PB6)
$90.00US – member $270.00US – non member

Guide To Human Resource Policies – Product ID # M23
Designed to assist you in developing a human resources manual and policies for your company, this publication reflects current trends and suggestions with regards to human resource management. Published 2007 ( item # M23)
$175.00US – member $ 475.00US – non-member

Hiring Guide for the Mechanical Service Contractor – Product ID # SM11
Get the tools and resources you need to efficiently recruit, hire and retain job candidates in order to build a competent and highly productive workforce for your mechanical service operation. Customizable forms are included.
$100.00US – member $ 300.00US – non member

Mechanical Service Safety– Product #MSC111
Walk mechanical service workers through a typical workday while addressing many of the most common hazards in the industry with this worker training video. Topics covered include pre-job planning, safe loading of equipment and materials, safe driving, ladder safety, electrical safety while working on HVAC equipment and much more.
$55.00US – member $ 160.00US – non member

Guide to Marketing Your Business – Product #MK3PDF
To compete successfully in today’s marketplace, mechanical construction, mechanical service and plumbing contractors need to market their businesses and the products and services they offer to existing and potential customers. This guide provides the basics about planning, developing and using a marketing program to help these contractors
assemble their ideas into a successful marketing plan.
$55.00US – member $ 160.00US – non member

HVAC 101 Workbooks– Product #HVAC1-10
This is a set of 10 workbooks. Each module includes fundamental industry concepts, presented in an easy-to-understand format to help your workforce better understand the HVAC industry. The workbooks can be purchased individually or as a complete set.

HVAC 101 (Complete set of all 10 Workbooks)
Member $100.00 US – Non Member $300.00

Individual Workbooks:
Module 1: What is HVACR?
Item Code: HVAC1
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 2: HVACR Service and Construction Terms and Slang
Item Code: HVAC2
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 3: HVACR Basic Sciences and Formulas
Item Code: HVAC3
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 4: A/C Basic Small Tonnage
Item Code: HVAC4
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 5: A/C Basic Large Tonnage
Item Code: HVAC5
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 6: Air Flow—Types and Systems
Item Code: HVAC6
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 7: Types of Commercial Systems
Item Code: HVAC7
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 8: Fans, Pumps and Miscellaneous Equipment
Item Code: HVAC8
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 9: Heating Systems
Item Code: HVAC9
Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Module 10: Focusing on the Customer
Item Code: HVAC10
$Member $30.00 US – Non Member $60.00

Making Your Business Profitable Product  ID # RC 1
What exactly is profit? How can you increase it? Understand and calculate your true profit improvement potential. Develop a profit improvement strategy that works.
$36.00 Cdn – member $ 108.00 non-member

You Charge WHAT Per Hour? Product ID # RC2
A Guide to Pricing Mechanical Services for the Residential and Commercial Markets.
$36.00 Cdn – member $ 108.00 non-member

Your Four Steps To Bigger Profits Product ID # RC3
A complete four set guide to increasing profits including; Pricing & Sensitivity, Financial Statements, Planning & Control and General Business Practices.
$210.00 Cdn – member $ 330.00 non-member

Your Million Dollar System Product ID # RC4
A complete toolbox to make more money and enjoy doing it.
$54.00 Cdn – member $ 102.00 non-member

Additional programs, tools and manuals are available through the MSCC office which may not be listed on the website. Please note that pricing and availability may change without notice. To find out more or to order any of our Business Tools please contact the MSCC office at 613.232.0492 or email