In today’s fast-paced world, ongoing management training and technical education will keep you and your team ahead of the competition.  That’s why MSCC has partnered with the industries top teaching professionals.

Using real-world experience combined with the very latest in-class delivery techniques ensures an understanding that goes beyond the classroom. In the mechanical service field, contractors need tailored business, management, and skills training and education that is directly relevant to your business.

Courses run from September through to May. For information on upcoming courses please contact the MSCC office by phone at 613-232-0492 or email

Click on the following link to download the MSCC Education Brochure 2018.


Introduction To Service – Webinar Series (Instructor: Kevin Dougherty)
Module 1: Service terminology (45 minutes)
Module2: What
is the cost to run a service business (45 minutes)
Module 3: Day-to-day realities and Utilizing service standards to improve customer satisfaction (45 minutes)
Module 4: Customer Service Checklist (45 minutes)

Dispatcher  (Instructor: Richard Worr)
Module 1: The Dispatcher and the Service Organization
Module 2: Communication Sills for the Dispatcher
Module 3: Partnering with the Service Technician
Module 4: Servicing the Customer
Module 5: Managing the Service Manager
Module 6: Working with the Rest of the Team
(All Dispatcher modules are delivered in a comprehensive 2-day program)

Service Manager (Instructor: Kevin Dougherty)
Module 1: Making the number work (1 day)
Module 2: People, Production and trends (1 day)
Module 3: Sales & sales management (1day)

Service Management Leadership (Instructor: James Baston)
Module1: Creating the ultimate service experience (½ day)
Module2: Coaching the service team (½ day)
Module 3: Facilitating Service refresher courses (½ day)

Service Supervisor (Instructor: Kevin Dougherty) (also available as 2 day program)
Module1: Transition to management (½ day)
Module2: Leadership, delegation, coaching and motivation (½ day)
Module3: Role Plays, dealing with difficult people (½ day)
Module 4: Time Management, planning, problem solving & sales management (½ day)

Preventative Maintenance & Project Sales (Instructor: Kevin Dougherty)
Module1: Professional sales, personality analysis, importance of customer service (1 day)
Module2: Importance of selling Maintenance, how to sell maintenance (1 day)
Module3: Project selling   (1 day)
Module 4: The financial sell, advanced selling skills for service (1 day)

Delivering The Ultimate Service Experience For Technicians (Instructor: Kevin Dougherty)
Module1: Customer service in the field, handling conflict (1 day)
Module2: Sales skills for service technicians (1 day)

Proactive Service for Technicians (James Baston)
Module1: Building and enhancing credibility (½ day)
Module2: From service tech to valued expert (½ day)
Module3: Customer relations and how to deal with difficult situations (½ day)

More are on the way….