Energy Services

What precisely is an energy services solution? The Energy Services Solution is a program exclusive to MSCC members. We have entered into a partnership arrangement with Stantech to provide a complete, end-to-end solution to our member’s clients while our members maintain the client relationship.

This process begins with the evaluation of a potential client ending with the signed agreement and includes more than 20 specific options broken down into 6 key elements. These options may include energy evaluations, audits, cost/benefit analysis, equipment monitoring, retro commissioning, introduction of energy saving, environmentally friendly and LEED compliant solutions, training, renewable energy options, documentation, introduction to tax incentives and rebates, equipment evaluations, tenant marketing and full maintenance scheduling and servicing.

What are the key components of the program? There are 7 key elements to the Energy Solutions Program:

1. As a contractor, understand your in-house project capabilities and knowledge about energy conservation and supporting incentives through mechanical and electrical capital upgrades or improvements.
2. Establish like-minded partner(s) to fill your technical/ knowledge gaps who will respect your position as the “Lead” communicator.
3. With your partner(s), establish the Business Development protocols and delineation of responsibilities; when to engage; how to engage; information to gather; and perhaps the one item that can cause a relationship strain – ensure you talk about the upfront/ unbillable costs associated with business development activities and how that will be managed.
4. With your partner, establish the execution protocols – audit completion, audit presentation, follow up and should a project be awarded to you.
5. With your team, conduct a review of your contract base identifying your 1st and 2nd group prospects. Good quality initial prospects may not be your highest revenue producers, facilities with the highest energy bills or largest facilities. Consider who is planning capital projects, clients who view you as an adviser or clients who want to improve their energy culture.
6. Meet with your entire team including techs and your selected partner, to introduce the service offering and the initial list of prospects. Ask for feedback, field questions and be sure to support and follow up on ideas and opportunities brought forward. Use this meeting to ensure your partner and the rest of your team are “onboard”.
7. Ensure the audit (assessment) is embedded in your PM Agreement for a minimum annual review. This ensures it is a living document and reflects the current challenges and opportunities. Secondly, try to embed a quarterly review of your client’s energy costs by your partner. This activity will keep energy on the table and visible each quarter.

What is Stantec’s role? Stantec professionals, across the country, will partner with MSCC member contractors in providing a complete, end to end Energy Service solution… or any single component, or package of components required by the contractor. While the contractor maintains the client relationship with the customer, Stantec provides the experience and expertise to deliver any and/or all elements of our Energy Solutions program from the initial consultation through to the implementation of the agreement.

To download an informaiton brochure please click here.

To find our how you can participate please contact the MSCC office at 613.232.0017 or email