Marijuana & Drugs


In April 2017 the federal government introduced a bill to legalize recreational cannabis. In July 2018 Bill C-45 (Cannabis Act) will be enacted into law making cannabis legal in Canada. The federal bill outlines a framework for regulating cannabis production and sets standards for health and safety, establishing criminal prohibitions, and clarifying what aspects of cannabis regulation will be the responsibility of the provinces.

While pot users across the country have applauded the move, business owners, particularly in our industry, have significant concerns. Construction is already a dangerous career. In Ontario alone in 2015, there were 281 construction industry fatalities and 51,570 injuries. (CBC October 2017). Fit for duty with safety-sensitive jobs is a huge issue for mechanical contractors.

The bill will allow possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana for recreational purposes but is silent on intoxication at work. MSCC is gathering information, statistics, sample policies and procedures along with any other relevant information to assist our members with this pending issue.


The Canadian Construction Association has a “Drug & Alcohol Policy Resource Material” document which you can view – Drug & Alcohol Policy Resource Material.

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA ) put together a best-practice alcohol and drug policy for stakeholders in the construction industry. Canadian Model For Providing Safe Workplace – COAA (2014)

Cann/Amm Occupational Testing Services – Datasheet – Marijuana in the Workplace

Reading Material – Alcohol & Drugs in the Canadian Workplace – An employers guide to the law, prevention nd management of substance abuse, 2nd edition. Author Norm Keith BS, JD, LLM, CRSP, cost $165.00 Cdn. Click here to find it on


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