The Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) is dedicated to the success of  mechanical service, repair and retrofit contractors in Canada. In today’s challenging economic climate, the MSCC continues to welcome new members, build out exciting programs and services and expand its initiatives. There’s a lot going on! We invite you to become part of Canada’s only  organization committed to you, the service, repair and retrofit contractor.

The Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) has two options for membership.
The first is based on your location and the second is if you are already an MCA member.
Please select:
Option 1 if you are applying as new member or
Option 2 if you are a current MCA Member in good standing.


OPTION 1 – New Members For those service contractors applying for membership, please select one of the two application links specific to your location.
Ontario Contractor – Member Application Click here to download Application
Western & Eastern Canada – Member Application – Click here to download Application

OPTION 2 – If You Are Already A MCA Member For those contractors who are already members of any of our provincial Mechanical Contractor Association (with the exception of Quebec) simply fill in the MSCC Membership Application Form and send it into the MSCC office.

CONTACT US If you have any questions regarding membership please contact Mr. Daryl Sharkey at the MSCC office by phone at 613.232.0017 or email